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Algae Control System

Algae Control System
A two part system for the elimination of algae and for pond ecosystem balance. Algaway 60 will keep your pond algae free and ML/Golf will keep the water clear and the bottom free from heavy deposits of organic sediments.

Contains: 2 gallons MICROBE-LIFT/Algaway 60 and 4 gallons MICROBE-LIFT/Golf

Algaway 60 is EPA Registered

Please note: Gallon & 5 gallon size of Algaway 60 are not available for sale, use or distribution in New York state.

Note: Cannot be used in ponds with fish and aquatic plants

Pond and Water garden products in industrial sizes.

Item #: G2PACS
Algae Control System - Includes 2 x Gal Algaway 60 and 4 x Gal Golf
Suggested Price $ 419.95
Our Price: $ 377.96