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Algaway & PL / OPC Co-Packs

Algaway & PL / OPC Co-Packs

Contains two (2) of our best pond maintenance products, conveniently bundled to save you 25% on average!


  • Kill Algae
  • Eliminates many types of algae in the pond
  • For use with fish and live plants
  • Liquid formulation
  • EPA Registered

    OPC Oxy Pond Cleaner

    MICROBE-LIFT/OPC is an excellent product for chemically oxi­dizing organic debris that can accumulate on rocks, walls and other fixed surfaces in your pond. There are times when environmental factors can lower the dissolved oxygen levels in your pond below what is necessary to provide a suitable environment for fish and aquatic life. MICROBE-LIFT/OPC can provide a quick boost to reduce the risk of fish loss and other negative impacts on your pond. These environmental factors can include: use of algaecides after which oxygen can be consumed in the process of breaking down the dead algae; hot summer temperatures that reduce transfer efficiency of oxygen into the water using conventional mechanical oxygenating devices such as pumps, aerators and waterfalls; the breakdown of large amounts of organic sludge that has accumulated on the bottom of the pond; and electrical outages that can result in the loss of operation of pumps and aerators. Best of all, the by-products of the reaction of the OPC in the water are sodium, oxygen, carbonate and water. Because it can provide both oxygen and carbonate, OPC can also give the nitrification cycle a boost in your pond.

  • Uses the power of oxygen to safely yet immediately break down accumulated debris on rocks, streams and water falls
  • Helps prevent odors
  • Cleans decks, planters and lawn furniture too

    - OR -

  • Microbe-Lift PL

    100% natural and safe for all plants, animals and fish. Beneficial bacteria breaks down algae, reduces ammonia and nitrogen and improves oxygen levels. Use to seed and maintain biological filters and dissolve organic sludge and slime. Best used when water temperatures are above 55 degrees.

    Co-Packs - Save Money

    Item #: OPC5.4SM
    Microbelift - Co-Pack - OPC - 2Lb and Algaway 5.4 - 32oz
    Suggested Price $ 34.43
    Our Price: $ 27.54
    Item #: OPC5.4LG
    Microbelift - Co-Pack - OPC - 8Lb and Algaway 5.4 - Gallon
    Suggested Price $ 97.43
    Our Price: $ 77.44
    Item #: PL5.4SM
    Microbelift - Co-Pack - PL - 32oz and Algaway 5.4 - 32oz
    Suggested Price $ 34.69
    Our Price: $ 29.00
    Item #: PL5.4LG
    Microbelift - Co-Pack - PL - Gallon and Algaway 5.4 - 32oz
    Suggested Price $ 89.68
    Our Price: $ 79.68


    Co-Packs - Save Money