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Microbe-Lift Heavy-Duty Filter Media Bags

Microbe-Lift Heavy-Duty Filter Media Bags
Media Bags
For use with Barley Pellets, Peat, Zeolite, Carbon, Bio-Balls, and all types of media.
Item #: MBAGSM
Microbe-Lift Small Black Master Media Bag 8 x 14
Suggested Price $ 10.95

Our Price: $ 8.76
Item #: MBAGMD
Microbe-Lift Medium Black Master Media Bag 15 x 16
Suggested Price $ 11.95

Our Price: $ 9.56
Item #: MBAGLG
Microbe-Lift Large Black Master Media Bag 20 x 20
Suggested Price $ 13.95

Our Price: $ 11.16
Item #: MBAGXL
Microbe-Lift Extra Large Black Master Media Bag 22 x 32
Suggested Price $ 15.95

Our Price: $ 12.76
Microbe-Lift Black Master Media Bag 3 ea. of (S-M-L-XL)
Suggested Price $ 158.40

Our Price: $ 126.72
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