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Pond Water Conditioners or Chemical Water Treatments, (pH Increase, pH Decrease, 7.5 Buffer, Phosphate remover, Ammonia remover, Dechlorinator Plus, KH Active Booster)

In addition to all that MICROBE-LIFT has done to clean up and maintain ponds, they have NEW WATER TREATMENT products available for pond owners!

Chlorine, chloramine and certain heavy metals in many city water sources are lethal to fish. MICROBE-LIFT has produced a Dechlorinator that combines the ability to sequester these toxic minerals with the ability to actually change the structure of the chlorine/chloramine molecules, thereby eliminating it from the water.

Very high or low, or wildly fluctuating pH, are almost as deadly in a pond. Ideally, a pond should maintain a neutral range of pH, 7.0-7.8, with the nitrifying bacteria functioning optimally at 7.0. We have everything needed to correct pH on a temporary basis, and to maintain it on a more permanent one for the health and safety of the pond inhabitants.

Ammonia is one of the silent killers in many ponds. As it is produced by the fish, no fish pond can be without it. The nitrifying bacteria will transform it into less harmful nitrate through the process of denitrification, but in emergency situations where the bacteria cannot keep up with the ammonia producers, MICROBE-LIFT has made Ammonia Remover to bind it up!

Phosphate Remover will tie up reactive phosphates in the same way. These are chemical interventions, intended for crises and not long-term management. Use with proper care and always follow directions.

KH Active Booster when pond carbonate levels fall below the necessary level, nitrification will stop and will fail to start again. With the loss of KH (carbonate alkalinity) pH levels will vary and pH will be difficult to control as KH stabilizes pond pH.


Microbe-Lift Chemical Water Treatments help you maintain Healthy and Safe Water in your pond and water garden.