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Filters are the heart and soul of any pond and success or failure depends exclusively upon them. This is why MICROBE-LIFT has spent a lot of time and research to get the right bacteria (which will colonize quickly and do the nitrification/denitrification job) into your pond.

An efficient, clean filter will handle the bio-load easily. However, sometimes it needs a little help from you. You wouldn’t want anything to clog up the mechanism, would you? And you wouldn’t dream of not cleaning the filter regularly so it can perform optimally, right? You would like to have something to keep everything in place so your skimmer continues to function without becoming clogged, true?

To keep up with the wide variety of filtration media ponds employ, we have PRE-COLONIZED filter media and more!


Pre-Colonized Filter Media from Microbe-Lift helps your pond filter perform at it's best.