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Usage Guide
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Cycle Sheet

In our busy daily lives, sometimes things get away from us. This is the reason Ecological Laboratories, Inc. has produced special “clean-up” products for those times when you have been preoccupied with other things and somehow need more help.

We have Sludge Away for organic buildup in the pond, especially for rock-bottomed ponds where cleaning may be difficult. Nite Out II is a special double-duty blend of bacteria to help filter media to kick in with nitrifying bacteria, either when the pond is first installed or after each filter cleaning. PL Gel will also target its bacterial colonization in the filter for rapid development and long acting balance in your system.

When too much sun becomes a problem and building a roof over the pond is not an option, we combined biological nitrification with safe, effective sun-blocking dye. Use it for aesthetics or sun control, but it works for all the above!

Yes, something for everything! Soy based cleaners are the safe alternative to caustic non-biodegradable cleansers. Use them for birdhouses, aviaries, statuary, birdbaths, liners, and flower pots. Have the cleanest pond, above and below ground!!


Microbe-Lift has a special line of pond clean-up products for your Pond or Water Garden, designed to save you time, money and aggravation.